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Download Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Power of Attorney

Why should you make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

If you are no longer able to make your own decisions or communicate to people what they a Lasting Power of Attorney will help you make sure your wishes are still followed.

We share essential information including:

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Why you should make a Lasting Power of Attorney

If you do not have a LPA in place it may be necessary for the Court of Protection to become involved and appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf.  This person may not be someone you know personally and the process can be costly.

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Choosing an Attorney

Who would you like to make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to.  This is an important consideration during the process.

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The different types of Last Power of Attorney

There are two main tyopes of LPA; Property and Affairs, and Health and Welfare.  Knowing what aspects are covered by each and what powers your attorney has is important to making an informed decision.

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How to make a Power of Attorney

There are a number of ways to create a LPA, let us help you make a decision on what is best for you, and what the costs of each option are.

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